Staying connected with your Veteran during the Coronavirus Pandemic

These are interesting times for the world, that is for sure. Never before have we had such a worldwide pandemic that was equally exacerbated by media. Now that orders to stay in place are impacting many of our veterans nationwide, now is the time that we need to act. Here are a few things you can do to ensure we are promoting veteran mental health, recovery, and suicide prevention. During these times, our own minds tend to be our worst enemies. Being there and available will save a life.

Email, Text, Phone Call

We are fortunate to live in a society where the internet is available to most. Take the time to send a message. Even as simple as “How are you holding up” will go a long way and show that someone cares. Give a veteran a phone call and just talk about anything. Having social interactions during isolation has never been more important. 

Warrior Now Evening Buddy Check

Because of everything going on in our society and the inability for our Veterans to get out and about, created an online Buddy Check that is open to Veterans. If you are a client in a program, mentor, or just want to be around other veterans swapping stories the team at Warrior Now will be on the zoom channel every evening from 7pm to 8pm Mountain Standard Time at 

Join in the service of one another by helping out local nonprofits

During this time of social distancing, we still have a need to serve our vulnerable veterans. There are veterans dealing with mental illness, addiction, and homelessness that are just unable to take a break because the world needed one. There are many ways you can serve like helping  serve our veterans in need of food, or volunteering with by honoring our Fallen Heroes. Whatever it is, we have Veterans in need and it will take the combined action of all of us to get through this time. 

Facebook and Social Media

Luckily, social media is intact and our ability to communicate across the world has never been more robust. Jump on your favorite group and start engaging. Join the online community at and start swapping stories or just hanging out. 

Online Gaming Groups

Most games these days are able to be played online. Whether it is Call of Duty or Hearts, you can find a way to get online with other veterans. 

Our time to act is now. We prepared as a team to go to war and we need to prepare and fight as a team against Veteran Mental Illness, Addiction, and Suicide. Community brings back camaraderie and our Veterans deserve to have community more so now than ever before. Join Warrior Now Inc and help us serve our Nation’s Veterans.