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Aurora armed Forces Treatment Court

WarriorNOW Bucks are here!

Congratulations, on receiving and earning a WarriorNOW Buck! The AAFTC has officially introduced the WarriorNOW Bucks into the program. You can earn these Bucks awarded by the Presiding Judge, Probation Officer, Wellness Coordinator, Public Defender, District Attorney, or WarriorNOW Mentor.


This reward and/or incentive is given for accomplishments during the phases of the program.

Attending Pro Socials

Once a month WarriorNOW will host a pro social event for our Veterans to get together.

Join the Buddy Check

Every night starting at 7pm Mountain our team hosts a Buddy Check.

Rec Therapies

Join WarriorNOW at one of our many Recreational Therapies like Bowling or Volleyball!

Comeback Yoga

Get your stretch on!

Engage w/ Mentor(s)

Mentors are Veterans who are volunteers. Take advantage of the kindness.

Treatments & UAs

Attend all of your treatments and complete those UAs.

Attend all court hearings as ordered

Accountability (honesty) with the treatment and/or judicial team (advocate for self)

No missed UA's dilutes or positive results for substance use according to the Phase requirement ie. Phase I minimum of two weeks sobriety

Compliance with recommended treatment plan & probation.

Active and engaged in meeting /doing activities with mentor and WarriorNOW