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Training: Know Your Mentee Better

Knowing Your Mentee Better, Archetype training with Corona Rosales

Wednesday, February 15th at 1700 via WebEx



This training briefly covers the Family Archetypal Roles and Rules:

* The purpose of archetypes is to provide a common language for discussing human experiences.

* Identify different featured archetypes – characters built on a set of traits that are specific and identifiable.

*All archetypes are neutral patterns of power and we will learn and discuss both the positives and negatives of each type.

This can be a significant benefit to mentors – archetypes help us instinctively understand behaviors and patterns of all individuals. By aligning with specifics, you can use it’s motto to express yourself and your personality to build rapport and connections with your mentee. 



I’m Corina Rosales, and I love what I do. My mess became my message. I grew up in a family plagued with alcoholism and addiction. My dad was a veteran who copped with life by drinking  and using drugs all of my life. 

Not only am I a spouse of a veteran currently in recovery but; I myself have been sober and clean for 3.5 years from drugs and alcohol and recovering. Because it takes one to know one, I get it!

I can honestly say with my whole heart that addiction is a family disease and recovery is a family’s journey.  Today I work at a treatment center in Denver, Colorado as a certified addiction counselor specializing in the group therapy process. I am passionate about giving everyone choices and resources to help all family members recover and heal together. 


REGISTER HERE: https://warriornow.info/Archetypes

The event is finished.

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