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Trauma Presentation

WarriorNOW has worked with several veterans to learn how to organize, process, reflect, and understand their trauma. The process is focused on a structured design to organize the details of a traumatic event. We started with a small group of veterans who after learning this design will tell their story in stages to the group. The intention of this group is to become comfortable with communicating a trauma story to share with others and on November 20th, 2022 several veterans will share their story on a stage in honor of Veterans Day.

Veterans, family members, mental health clinicians, and civilians in general are encouraged to attend. Not only does this process assist the veteran in processing their trauma but it also gives the community an opportunity to hear first hand how trauma (either childhood trauma or military-related trauma) affects people, and how telling that story helps others. It will also help in breaking down the military-civilian divide.

Location: Downtown Denver (free parking)

Time: 10am – 1pm (lunch provided with registration)

Register: https://warriornow.info/traumapresentation

The event is finished.

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