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Judicial 101 *Hybrid Training*

Join WarriorNOW for a discussion on the judicial cycle a mentee experiences after entering the judicial system, from initial police contact through graduating Veterans Treatment Court.


*This training will be held in person in the Division 5 Courtroom and will be recorded for WarriorNOW’s Training Department to use for Mentor Orientation. It will also be offered live on Zoom*


Learn the process that a Veterans Treatment Court (VTC) mentee goes through from initial police contact, to receiving charges, to jail time, to sentencing, to probation and/or parole, to drug testing, sanctions, and graduating the program. This training also goes over proper courtroom etiquette. You can either attend in person at the courthouse or you can attend via Zoom. This training will be recorded and a disclaimer will be given prior to recording.

The event is finished.


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