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Warrior Roundtable Discussion – Emotional Intelligence

Join WarriorNOW for more camaraderie and professional development! Our Training Coordinator, Tom Joyce, will facilitate a discussion on Emotional Intelligence. You do not need to prepare anything for the discussion. We will discuss what is emotional intelligence, and why it matters. We will also focus on how we can apply the lessons of emotional intelligence to our lives and our relationships. We will pull heavily from Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence: Why It Matters More than IQ and Brandon Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence. You do not need to read these, but they can be found through the Amazon Smile link below.

  • When: Tuesday, June 28th 2022 at 6pm MT
  • Where: Virtually via Zoom
  • Who: Mentors, family members, clients, staff, and community members are all welcome to join
  • Additional Resources: You can purchase the books on Amazon Smile with this link which will give a small donation back to WarriorNOW.
  • What: Come explore why Emotional Intelligence matters, and how we can use emotional intelligence with our mentees.

The event is finished.

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