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Whole Health Training

Whole Health Training

About the Course

Whole Health is the VA’s new approach to working with veterans and centers around what matters to a veteran, not what is the matter with a veteran. At WarriorNOW we use this training as a way to give our Mentors and facilitators more skills to deploy when they are working with a fellow veteran, especially when they are in crisis. Whole Health training is encouraged for all WarriorNOW mentors and is required for any mentor interested in facilitating Buddy Check, Whole Health groups, and other peer-led groups. To Learn more: https://www.va.gov/WHOLEHEALTH/veteran-resources/whole-health-basics.asp

Course Objectives

After completing this training course, you will learn the following key objectives:

  • Assist the Veteran in developing a personalized health plan that is based on what matters most to the Veteran; the plan is based on the Veteran’s own goals, values, preferences, and lifestyle. The agenda is the Veteran’s.
  • Partner with the Veteran with proactively taking action toward behavior change that is both present and future-oriented.
  • Recognize that health is much broader than the absence of disease. The emphasis is on health enhancements/strengths, rather than disorders/weaknesses.
  • Support the Veteran in achieving their standard of optimal health that takes into account the mental, physical, and social well-being of the Veteran.


0930-1300 Group training on the concept behind the Whole Health model and a discussion on how to implement it in your life and in others’ lives

1300-1400 Lunch provided by WarriorNOW

1400-1630 Training on how to facilitate a Whole Health group (if this is something you are interested in facilitating for WarriorNOW, this portion is required)

Speaker Bio

Tiffany Morgan, the Director of Training at WarriorNOW, endeavors to be a bridge between veterans and mental health. She comes from a long line of military service on both sides of her family, which led her to serve in the U.S. Navy from 1997-2001 as an Aviation Ordnanceman. After leaving active duty she married a fellow Sailor and obtained her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, which she has been using in the community mental health field for close to 15 years, and specifically within the veteran community for over 5 years. She has been volunteering with the Colorado Veteran Treatment Courts for 6 years. Tiffany also works to bridge the military-civilian divide through her small business, Your Weapon is Your Mind, where she teaches civilian treatment providers about military culture so as to improve competence and trust within the treatment relationship.

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