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Our Vision

WarriorNOW Family Support and Services is focused on providing the family members of veterans tools to help strengthen the family unit. Support is key to anyone struggling with reintegration, mental illness, or addiction, and it is even more important for veterans involved in veterans treatment courts (VTC). When a veteran has a solid support system at home it takes one stress away and allows that veteran to focus on himself/herself and take the steps necessary to make positive changes in life.

Family is a crucial part of recovery

Family members of the veterans served by WarriorNOW have their own unique needs, in addition to the role of support for the veteran. We believe education, support, and self-care are the pillars in strengthening the family unit. Living with someone who is learning to reintegrate into civilian society is not an easy task in and of itself, but it is only made more difficult when that person is also struggling with a mental illness and/or addiction.

It is difficult for the family members to understand why their loved one is behaving in certain ways and this lack of understanding can drive those family members away. While education is not the only answer, taking time to teach family members what their loved one is experiencing while adjusting to civilian life, or how the brain itself has physically changed due to a traumatic brain injury can change the entire dynamic of that family. WarriorNOW is providing education to family members so they can better understand what their veteran is going through.

These family members have their own feelings and frustrations and they need their own individualized support for what they are experiencing personally. It is important that they have access to their own therapies, groups, and connections to other family members who can understand. Join our weekly Warrior Families Call and/or become a part of our online Warrior Family Community!

Finally, is self-care. Caring for a veteran who is struggling with reintegration, mental health issues, addiction, and/or is judicially involved, can be taxing and often family member self-care is pushed aside. It is important for the family members to take time for themselves, or even have opportunities to simply have fun as a family and WarriorNOW is providing these opportunities.

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