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Serving Our Veterans

When our troops come home from war, for some the war has just begun. Get involved and help us fight for Veteran Mental Health, Recovery, and Suicide Prevention.

Every Veteran. Every Era.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

We are committed to eliminating the social, judicial, and economic impacts mental illness, PTSD, TBI, and addiction play on our service men and women. We provide training and support to Peer Mentors so they can better serve our Veterans impacted by mental health challenges and addiction.

Become a mentor

You served our community, now it is time to serve each other. Join our Mentor Corps today and make a difference in the lives of our Veterans.

Join the Buddy check

Every Night

Join us every night for the Buddy Check in Daniel's Room. An online zoom meeting where Veterans can be around other Veterans.

Open to All Veterans

No matter what era of service or discharge status we created a room for us to get back to Structure, Camaraderie, and Purpose.

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