Veterans responding to in crisis

Veteran Co-response with local law enforcement & first responders

Our unit involves a collaborative between first responders and experts in mental health based responses to ensure the safety of the individual veteran and the community. Our team partners with local law enforcement and mental health professionals to provide support during times of escalation and crisis.

Our vision is to eliminate the need for force when assisting a Veteran impacted with Mental Illness, Addiction, or Suicidal Ideation. One out of every five Veterans are dealing with mental illness. Now more than ever we need to ensure they are safe.

Veterans, pro social,

Mental illness response is something that must be done with care and requires highly professionally trained staff in order to ensure the safety and security of everyone involved. Add in the fact that the individual is a veteran and you have added a whole new layer of difficulty. Time and time again, we hear from mental health professionals, law enforcement, and first responders that when responding to a veteran in crisis, there is almost always one common request, they want to talk to a veteran. 

We are listening and we created our Mental Illness Response Team to help both first responders and our veterans in the community. Our team is comprised of military veterans who are trained in mental health, Crisis Intervention, and social work. Get in touch with us and find out how we can partner to provide the proper response for our Veterans in the community. 

Mental health response partners