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If you or a Veteran you know is in crisis call the Veterans Crisis Line 1800-273-8255 Press 1

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On average, Veterans make up only 1% of the American population, yet we make up almost 20% of all suicides. Our nations veterans are 15 times more likely to commit suicide than the rest of society.

The reality is scary and the numbers are even more shocking. In 2017 we lost 6,139 Veterans to suicide. Between 2005 and 2017 over 78,000 Veterans committed suicide. We have to act and we must do it today! 

Join the WarriorNOW Suicide Prevention Squad and help End Veteran Suicide. All you have to do is commit to $22 per month and we will do the rest. Our team is committed to addressing the root cause of the issue and getting our Veterans Back to the Journey of Life. 

Your donation to WarriorNOW employs Peer Support Specialists, Mentors, and Therapists that all work together to create a better world for our Nation’s Heroes.

Stages of Change for Suicide Prevention



Now that we have your ear it is time to address the concerns of Veteran Suicide.



Awareness led to figuring out a solution. Over the past decade a lot of studies have been completed on How to prevent Veteran Suicide. 



We will never end Veteran Suicide by just talking about it. We need to take Action. This is where WarriorNOW fits in. We are taking the steps and implementing them for our Nation’s Heroes.

we need your help. Join the suicide prevention squad today and help end veteran suicide

For $22 per month, we can take the first steps to finding a solution for Veteran Mental Health Challenges and Substance Use Disorders.We are no longer in the awareness stage, with your help we are Taking Action.