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Let’s face it, court is a stressful place. Veterans Treatment Courts (VTCs) do an amazing job of relieving some of the stress our Veterans encounter when going to court, but the stress is still there. Our team is most recognized for bringing coffee and donuts before court and setting up a spot where people want to engage with each another and with us.

Something so small makes a big difference. Every time we show up to court with coffee and donuts, it encourages our veterans in the program and their mentors to communicate, and brings back one our core values from the military, camaraderie. In addition to our refreshments, we are providing mentorship to the participants in the Veterans Treatment Court program.



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Serving Colorado

Veterans Treatment Court Support Team

Serving Colorado

Serving our Veterans in Colorado

Mentor Recruitment

Mentors are commonly referred to as the secret sauce of treatment courts. Let us recruit, train, and retain Mentors for your Court.

Services, Support, and Training

Find out how we engage the community to provide mental health services, recovery services, and trainings.

At Warrior Now Inc we support our Veterans Treatment Courts (Commonly referred to as VTC) and what they are doing for our Veterans. The VTC is a problem solving court that is dedicated to helping our Veterans get the mental illness and addiction help they need while monitoring their progress through an intensive supervision program.

Included in this program is an essential function that a peer veteran plays to help support the court, and most importantly the Veteran going through the program. This is the Peer Veteran Mentor. Mentors are crucial for the success of any mental health or recovery program and even more crucial in criminal justice programs. Our mentors are professionally trained in various courses such as Trauma Informed Care, Emotional Intelligence, Military Culture, and The Judicial Process.

Our certified Mentors are assisting Veterans Treatment Courts in Jefferson County, Arapahoe County, Adams County, Denver County, El Paso County, Pueblo County, the City of Lakewood, and the City of Aurora. Our team of mentors provide emotional support to the Veterans going through the VTC process.

Our core group is diverse. We are comprised of VTC Alumni, former police, and most importantly veteran supporters. Our cadre has completed the Justice for Vets Bootcamp and have adopted their teachings into our group. One of these concepts is the power of the three E’s, Engage, Encourage, and Empower. It is important for our veterans to be fully engaged in their recovery and mental health. Personal engagement leads to personal growth. We have to encourage all Veterans to be compliant not only in the VTC program but in life. We have to empower our Veterans in life.  And finally, Warrior Now Inc added the A, accountability. We are Veterans of the United States of America. We took an oath to defend our country against enemies both foreign and domestic. Which means we must possess personal accountability beyond anything else.