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WarriorNOW was founded as a way to eliminate the stigma associated with veterans dealing with mental health related concerns, PTSD, and/or addiction. It is unfortunate how many of our veterans are suffering and have no outlet or resources to assist in fighting their daily battle. We are happy to say that we do not fight alone. Much like being in the service, we are bringing the team approach back to the lives of our Veterans where it belongs.


To eliminate the social, judicial, and economic impacts mental health, PTSD, and/or addiction play on our service men and women. We provide training and support to Peer Veteran Mentors so they can better serve our Veterans impacted by mental health, PTSD, and/or addiction.


We connect Veterans impacted by a mental health diagnosis, PTSD, and/or addiction to resources, services, and mentorship through training and peer mentors in order to help reintroduce our Veterans to the journey of life.

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More than ever, our Nation’s Veterans are suffering. The prevalence rates for PTSD in service members returning from combat is variable across eras and wars. According to Miriam Reisman, “one major study of 60,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, 13.5% of deployed and non-deployed veterans screened positive for PTSD, while other studies show the rate to be as high as 20% to 30%. As many as 500,000 U.S. troops who served in these wars over the past 13 years have been diagnosed with PTSD. ” 1 Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, Hyper-vigilance are just a few of the common diagnosis our military veterans currently battling. When you support Warrior Now Inc, you are supporting a Veteran nonprofit that is actively taking steps to put an end to the stigma and help our Veterans who are impacted by mental illness and addiction. There is a lot of discussion about awareness and mental illness but we have to do more than just talk about awareness, we have to act. Our Veterans need help and Warrior Now is giving them the help they need. Your gift to our organization is helping our Veterans by providing mental health services, like therapies, peer support, and mentorship. We are thinking outside of the box and looking at getting to the root cause. Donate to Warrior Now today and you can help save a life! 1. Reisman, M. (2016, October). PTSD Treatment for Veterans: What’s Working, What’s New, and What’s Next. In PMC. Retrieved from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5047000#:~:text=Prevalence%20of%20PTSD%20in%20Veterans&text=In%20one%20major%20study%20of,as%2020%25%20to%2030%25.