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We train as a Team for War. It is time we trained as a Team as Veterans.

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WarriorNOW was founded as a way to eliminate the stigma associated with Veterans dealing with Mental Illness, PTSD, TBI, and/or Addiction. It is unfortunate how many of our Veterans are suffering and have no outlet or access to resources to assist in fighting this daily battle. We are committed to this fight and will ensure that our Veterans do not fight alone. Much like being in the military, we are bringing the team approach back to the lives of our Veterans where it belongs.

Our Vision

We are committed to eliminating the social, judicial, and economic impacts mental illness, PTSD, TBI, and addiction play on our service men and women. We provide training and support to Peer Mentors so they can better serve our Veterans impacted by mental health challenges and addiction.

Our Mission

We connect Veterans impacted by a mental health diagnoses, PTSD, and/or addiction to resources, services, and mentorship through training and peer mentors in order to help reintroduce our Veterans to the Journey of Life.


You served and we wanted to say thank you. No matter when or where you served, you dedicated a portion of your life to serving our community. If you are dealing with mental health challenges or addiction we can help. 


Every discharge. No matter what. It is unfortunate when someone is removed from the military for adverse reasons. We understand that outside factors may play a role and we want to serve you.


We serve our Veterans impacted with Mental Health Challenges and Addiction. No matter the era of service, combat or not, no matter the discharge. We are here. 

A Mentor's Mentor and other stories

Buddy Check in Daniel's Room

During this time it is important that we come together and support our Veterans. Join our Nightly Buddy Check every evening at 7pm MST. Our Buddy Checks are bringing the community back with a twist. Click Here to Join!

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WarriorNOW Family Support and Services is focused on providing the family members of veterans tools to help strengthenthe family unit. Support is key to anyone struggling with reintegration, mental illness, or addiction, and it is even moreimportant for veterans involved in veterans treatment courts (VTC). When a veteran in VTC has a solid support system athome it takes one stress away and allows that veteran to focus on himself/herself and take the steps necessary to makepositive changes in life.

Become a Peer Mentor

Mentors are vital to our program. Peer-to-Peer Veteran support can change lives. Whether you need a mentor or want to be a mentor we want to serve you. Click Here to learn more about Veteran Peer to Peer Mentor Service

our certified trainings

The mission and vision of Warrior NOW is to eliminate the social, judicial, and economic impacts mental health and addiction play on our service men and women by connecting them to training, resources, services, and mentorship. Training is an important part of the mission as it helps to educate on topics that will improve knowledge and skills, as well as eliminate the stigma of mental illness, because with education comes insight, understanding, and action.

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Join Our Family Call on Wednesdays at 6pm MST

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