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About us

WarriorNOW was founded as  a way to eliminate the stigma associated with Veterans dealing with mental health related concerns, PTSD, and/or addiction. It is unfortunate how many of our Veterans are suffering and have no outlet or resources to assist in fighting their daily battle. We are happy to say that we do not fight alone. Much like being in the service, we are brining the team approach back to the lives of our Veterans where it belongs.

Stay tuned there is much more to come

For our Veterans there is nothing like connecting with and relying on a fellow Veteran. Our mentor program is connecting Veterans to a network of fellow Veterans who can provide support, advice, or simply a listening ear. Mentors may act as a coach, guide, role model, advocate, recovery support, mental health support, life support, or just simply an ally.

Let’s face it, court is a stressful place. VTC’s have done amazing at relieving some of the stress our Veterans encounter when going to court but the stress is still there. Our team is most known for bringing coffee and donuts before and during court and setting up a spot for people to want to engage with one another and with us. Get involved.


The WarriorNOW nightly Buddy Check was started in support of a Veteran struggling with mental health challenges and addiction. The room was dedicated to him as a space to provide accountability for our Veterans struggling with relapse. And to give a space of support for our Veterans dealing with mental health challenges.

WarriorNOW Family Support and Services is focused on providing the family members of veterans tools to help strengthen the family unit. Support is key to anyone struggling with reintegration, mental illness, or addiction, and it is even more important for veterans involved in veterans treatment courts (VTC). When a veteran has a solid support system at home it takes one stress away and allows that veteran to focus on himself/herself and take the steps necessary to make positive changes in life.